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It is becoming more and more difficult to live happily and simply. After 9/11 many artists and designers thought about what they could do for those who suffered. The issues we confront daily are seemingly endless: homelessness, violence, healthcare, and global warming. None of these have an easy answer. I try to help with the things that are within my reach. Instead of spending a couple of dollars for coffee at Starbucks, I would rather give money to the homeless. As a designer I want to encourage those who can afford it to buy products "by order." If a product is produced by order, it helps reduce the material waste of mass-produced products that are built but don´t sell. A uniquely designed custom product provides a personal touch that brings lasting value to the owner who is less likely to replace the piece when trends change or the owner moves to a new house. Besides that, purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece adds character to your space. Spending your money on one quality item instead of buying two or three cheaply made items is a clever way to prevent clutter in your space and your world.

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