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With time and experience, I have become more and more like my Japanese mother. She was not a typical Japanese woman of her time. Some days she dressed in a subtly colored kimono. On other days she dressed in the high heels of a Vogue model. She was an artist who painted and played music on weekends. My mother, a daughter of a samurai clan and a woman of dignity, taught me to live life with both grace and style. We had a black piano, a red sofa, and a Victor stereo that sat on the tatami floor in our home. Our family with four children, living in an 800 square foot home, was poor according to the American Standard in those days. Many Japanese were poor and barely survived in the mid of the remains still ruined after World War II. Refrigerators were new to the Japanese home. Water, electricity and paper were precious resources and I was taught never to waste them. My father was a highly ethical man who accepted responsibility and closed his successful business when an employee was involved in a fatal car accident. I am convinced that my father is the source of my business ethics and that my eclectic designs come from my mother. My environmental conscience comes from my childhood experiences in Japan.

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