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People may think of a painting as just another accessory that they purchase at the end of an interior design project. However, a painting should be one of the first items on your shopping list because you don't want to compromise the selection of the painting by trying to match the colors and style of your sofa or rug. If you end up selecting a painting that doesn't match the style of your room, it can ruin your newly decorated interior space. When you select a painting first, the process of choosing other items for your space will be easier than doing it the other way around. While I can produce different styles of painting, I have purposely chosen paintings whose subjects are expressive and metaphorical. Furthermore, my paintings are in a minimalist's style, coming from my Japanese background while the color palettes are free from the traditional Japanese colors such as blacks, browns and whites. My subjects are mostly abstract emotional expressions such as sadness, loneliness, happiness and passion in human life. If necessary, I can create custom paintings to match the mode and colors of your space.

Crying Window Burning Passion In the Forest Rising Sun Searching for the Past
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